About us

A firm established since the year 1965 having vast oceanic experience in making all type of plastic moulds and dies under highly skilled technical and engineering and machinists staff. 

Reputed companies metals is used in making the moulds and dies giving desirable satisfying results grasping customers likes. 

Our firm possess unique expert technical bating symbol of specialty blow mould in zinc alloy casting, mild steel, Stainless Steel-R-2/410, Alumec with Brylium Copper & C45 which minutest of all the technical fault is not spared and every care is taken with concentration for effective Finishing, Harding, Bushing, Grinding, Cooling system maintained to enhance high production capacity without any slightest bad effect occurring in the dies’ s finishing. 

For pet moulds excellent quality metal like zinc alloy, mild steel, SS/R-2(410), Alumec & Alluminum is used with equally excellent diamond finishing & Cooling is provided to get as much as and even beyond desired calculated production to earn more than the estimated and expected profit. 

For injection moulds exceptional care is taken in using the valuable high grade material P-20, OHNS & imported material as per customer requirement with provision of grinding, Harding, Bushings with diamond polish and hard chrome to keep the mould its original state even after the desirable production is achieved. 

Our firms strength lies in its efficient and highly skilled and educated well trained man power equipped with the CNC machine and other sophistic machineries used in the making and operated by genius machinists, highly paid for the job, which is completed under one single roof of our modernized plant. 

CNC Machine